The services we offer are subject to constant improvement reviews to offer our clients the most competitive and attractive value proposition.


We have cutting-edge machinery to manufacture all kinds of sacks and paper bags.
Wide range of measurements, multiple combinations of papers, great diversity of closure systems.

With 65 years of experience, we are specialists in all types of sacks and paper bags. All this for
guarantee the supply chain available to the most demanding customer.

SOLVENT FREE adhesives.


At GRUCONSA we manufacture polyethylene films. We do not require external supply. We manufacture our need for polyethylene for our range of products in an extrusion plant.


We have cutting-edge machinery for the manufacture of the highest-end laminated sacks in the Pet food market.

We manufacture different tailoring and welding systems, including Full flat bottom (FFB), Zipper and Aplix top opening, Front and Top-Hooded sliding opening.

In addition, we manufacture all kinds of hygienic and household waste bags, as well as polyethylene (embossed) bags and reels.

SOLVENT FREE adhesives.


Multilayer finishes for film products that require high barrier and protection performance.

SOLVENT FREE adhesives.


At GRUCONSA we strive to reduce the carbon footprint in our industrial process.

We want to contribute to the conservation of the environment.

All the waste generated in the manufacturing processes is treated under the strict management and recovery regulations and current community legislation (one of the most guaranteed worldwide).

We work for the circular economy.


Internal management and manufacturing section of flexographic plates.

To achieve the expectations of our clients, we collaborate closely with photomechanics, design agencies and/or marketing/design area.

We incorporate the latest technologies in flexographic printing.

We have an internal digital process (CDI) and a thermal plate manufacturing system (SOLVENT FREE).


Maximum quality in flexographic printing for projects with high visual impact.

The printing area has central drum printers for up to 10 color bodies + varnish.

Our lines allow you to plan independent paper and film workflows, optimizing resources and being more efficient.

We also have a single inkmaker with water-based ink for film and paper (SOLVENT FREE).


We have a technical and commercial team that is constantly searching for technological advances.

Our know-how is a key factor in responding to the requirements demanded by our clients, in an increasingly demanding market.


The certifications obtained accredit us as a company that implements strict quality controls in manufacturing processes.

Strict control of raw materials.

Some workflows based on continuous improvement.

Product review to guarantee the conditions and needs required by our customers.


Customer service is the professional treatment of people to people.

Good communication is the basis of good joint work. We work to be part of the team of our clients with whom we keep the available channels open 24/7.

Trust and transparency allow us to establish lasting collaboration ties with our clients over time.

Great people are there to serve the customer.