We are a family business that, after 65 years since its establishment, we continue to be concerned about the safety of our workers and to offer the best service to our customers.

GRUCONSA (Grupo Consist S.A.) is a fourth generation family business, which has turned 65 years old. The management is still in the hands of two members of the family, segmented, on the one hand, the commercial area and on the other, the production area.

We manufacture packagings distributed throughout the world, with a turnover of 54 million euros, of which 40% comes from exports.

Our business model is the custom manufacturing of all types of flexible packaging on demand.

In the beginning, since 1957, our paper sacks were manufactured mainly for the construction industry: cement and plaster. Currently our range of products is very wide and versatile, since it covers all industries that need flexible packaging. It is a market, that of flexible packaging, which is constantly growing and transforming, currently focused on developing new materials that are more environmentally sustainable and contribute to promoting the circular economy.

Internally, we have a product R&D department prepared to take on these new technological advances.

Our main raw materials are paper and polyethylene pellets. Since always, the waste paper and granules have been subjected to the recycling process. The paper, returned to the manufacturing suppliers, to be converted back into paper. Polyethylene is managed internally. For this, we have a recycling plant to reconvert it and use it in the manufacture of garbage bags. We are careful with the environment.

In 2022 we have installed photovoltaic panels with a power of 1,500 kWp for self-consumption, thus minimizing our electricity consumption.

Currently, our facilities have more than 47,000 m² of surface area and 37,000 m² of facilities. We are a staff of more than 250 people and we have the best machinery worldwide in terms of quality and productive capacity.


Our purpose is to contribute to the well-being of people and customer service, with excellent quality and orientation towards continuous improvement.


In the challenge of positively influencing our environmental and social environment, we have two key factors:

Technological innovation that helps transform the flexible packaging industry to develop solutions that are friendlier and more respectful of the environment, and

the people, that's the reason why the business culture maintains the family spirit of our origins and has allowed us to grow and see it grow. We want to keep doing it.


2022 DATA


66 M./€

Paper sacks

Production: 120 M./units.

Plastic LDPE

Production: 7.000 Tn




65 Years

Human team

250 people




The company Grupo Consist SA. begins its activity with the manufacture of paper sacks by the father of the current President Mr. Sr. Joan Llurba.


Extrusion Area
Polyethylene bags

The manufacture of bags begins in polyethylene (Domestic Plastic bags)

SOS paper bags


A new product line was launched

Complex plastic films


A new product line was launched


Laminated sacks and bags
Embossed polyethylene bags and rolls

A new product line was launched

Quality certification in Food Safety
The strictest certification on food safety quality is accredited.


The principles that GRUCONSA assumes to fulfill its commitment to offer its products under the optimal safety, legality and quality requirements are:

Quality objectives

Identify needs and provide appropriate responses to our customers. (*)

Compliance with current legislation and the requirements of our clients, as well as taking into account the relevant requirements of the rest of the main interest groups.

Continuously improve our entire value chain and industrial process, as well as the service offered, with a focus on risk and opportunity management.

Preserve the stability and safety of workers and involve them in good practices to maintain a respectful and safe living space, as well as motivate them to contribute to improving product quality.

Maintain an optimal relationship of cooperation and trust with our suppliers to increase the added value of our service, in a continuous search for new solutions based on technological advances and innovations in equipment and machines as well as materials and raw materials.

(*) Guarantee the survival of the activity and add to the packaging industry by providing solutions to the generic needs of the paper and plastic flexible packaging industry and mainly meet the specific needs of our customers.


At GRUCONSA we are committed to achieving safe work spaces, labor relations based on freedom and respect between people and, as such, free from situations of sexual and gender-based harassment. The preparation of a Protocol to achieve this focuses on: prevention and action in situations of harassment.

Equality goals

Inform, train and sensitize all personnel regarding sexual and gender-based harassment.

Have the procedure for intervention and accompaniment to deal with and resolve these situations as quickly as possible and within the deadlines established in the Protocol.

Ensure a work environment where women and men mutually respect their integrity and dignity.

Establish the necessary preventive measures to prevent them from occurring bullying situations.

Guarantee the rights of fair treatment and confidentiality of the affected persons.



Have the procedure for intervention and accompaniment to deal with and resolve these situations as quickly as possible and within the deadlines established in the Protocol.

The ISO 9001:2015 Standard determines the requirements for a Quality Management System for the internal application of the company. GRUCONSA is a Certified company since 2019.

The REPASACK certification guarantees correct use of the recycling process of used paper bags.

The FSC® certification determines that the raw materials used of forest origin (paper) meet the requirements of the non-governmental organization that declares “Promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”. GRUCONSA has been a certified company since 2018.


GRUCONSA has been awarded by the most prestigious contests of the most prestigious associations in flexographic printing at a European and Spanish level respectively in the 2018 edition in the aforementioned categories, valuing the effort and experience of GRUCONSA in flexographic printing with water inks on film sheet.

Flexographic Printing Award 2018 edition